The importance of Being Elegant



The modern society thrives off fashion. Your clothes says who you are and what you’re about without having to introduce yourself. 

Our clothes are the very definition of a tangible language. They invent and reinvent our personalities so we can be who we want to be.

The last 100 years have made fashion so much more accessible with the fast fashion environment that we now live. Everywhere now is advertising the latest and greatest so we surcome to our weakness to purchase.

But instead of gripping onto trends, we need to invest in style. Elegance is what remains after everything else has washed away. After we lose our youth.

Elegance is what creates the person your are. It is what takes the ordinary and creates the extraordinary. 






The Oxford dictionary define Elegance as the “Quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance of manner”.

All i have to ask is, What happened to the Audrey Hepburn’s and Grace Kelly’s of today’s world? 





There aren’t many women I would turn around and say, yes they are as elegant as their predecessors. Gone are the days of dressing for occasions, that’s just for the rich and famous right?

Wrong. Anyone can be Elegant because it’s not who you wear, it is how you wear it.


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