3.1 Phillip Lim

“Sono Mama”- As You Are

“The collection is loosely inspired by café racer culture, riffing off of motorcycle style,”

Carrying on From His Pre-Fall collection, Lim has kept a hint of biker within his Fall collection. Although he has moved on the theme, to concentrate more on the travelling side of it all. The road tripping 20 something year old. 

What you see before you is a tough, confident young woman, ready to take on the world in her own way. She answers to know one and is ready to explore the world and do what she wants. The truth is, this collection, to me, really inspires a new beginning of independence. In todays world women are strong, independent, individual and powerful, what you see here is the transformation though clothing. It really expresses femininity in a bold masculine way.

    Continuing with the theme of biker and journey,  leather and patch-covered denim were a great hit. As well as different textures such as fur and brushed felt, the silhouettes also made an impact. With voluminous shapes and bold body structure the collection really came together as an overall winner with the combination of these two point- texture and silhouette.

When looking at the collection as a whole it is clear that Lim has created a woman who writes her own history with the journeys she’s experienced.



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