Marianna G Swimwear Launches.

Marianna G’s debut collection has been hugely inspired by her Greek Heritage. Although she grew up in London, She spent much time back home in Greece with family. She really drew on her experiences growing up by the sea for this collection. She states that it was “second nature” seeing women day to day in swimwear. 

Using her experience she has developed a collection which is split into four categories – goddess, athletic, brights and ready-to-wear – in order to cater to a broader customer bracket. It is quite clear that when it comes to swimwear, we are very exposed and not all women will go for the same style or show as much flesh. 

“I really wanted to create a collection with broad age range and a variety of body shapes in mind, allowing every woman to find a piece that made them feel confident,”

The collection itself really experiments with different body shapes and needs. The colours reflect all ages, which makes it great for all people and all occasions. There are not only one pieces, but bikinis and full length dresses to wear over the swimwear, She really has taken into account all aspects of the beach side lifestyle. take a look…

 “the LBD of swimwear”



The collection is both feminine and sexy, definitely a staple in this summers wardrobe.


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