The World Of Chanel

The Show we have all been waiting for… The Parisian Chic transcends the realms of fashion…

‘Planet Chanel’

The most prestigious Label in Fashion History, Chanel. Their show at Paris Fashion Week expressed the amount of influence they have on the world. How Iconic the interlocking C’s are and How Lagerfeld has really pushed the Chanel image to the point where they clearly hold the most power.

The Chanel woman is who every woman in fashion aspires to be. The tweed suits, the quilted bags and the CC Logo have to be the most iconic of pieces within fashion. It oozes wealth, style and superiority. The crisp white shirts, the feminine yet modern silhouette, The youthful playfulness combined with the maturity of style. It is undeniable the superiority of the design.

The Global Power of Chanel was stated in todays runway show. There was a Huge Globe centring the Grand Palais, with CC Flags everywhere to show the impact of the Label. The models walked the catwalk with Daft Punks ‘Around the World’ pumping out behind them, to reiterate the fact that Chanel Rules the World.

Thanks to Lagerfeld conquering army of models we began to see such raw gothic femininity combined with fluffy pinks and bold bright bags fill the runway. There were biker boots draped in silver chain, beautiful cocoon silhouette coats, fluffy cream and pink knits, Harsh black tweeds, and blues and teal colour running throughout.

The most beautiful part of the show was the slits up the front of the coats and dresses to reveal layers underneath, which created such a fresh take on a current trend.

‘Planet Chanel’ really said what it needed to say with such influential imagery through out.



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