On March the 16th there will be a change within Harrods of London, there will be much hard work going into this change and it is for all of us to see…Dior is taking over Harrods!


This huge scale store take over is a tribute to the French Fashion House, it will be featuring never before seen exhibitions, displays and in store activity. The recognisable grey and white colour scheme will be the new decor for the Department store as Harrods expresses “French Savior Fair and British Charm.


Iconic London Post boxes and Telephone boxes will feature through out, giving us the British feel of Harrods, whilst Limited edition products and Dior Silhouette cut outs. Royal Beefeaters will wear costumes designed by the houses creative director, Raf Simons.

The fourth floor of the building will be the heart of all of this. It is where Dior really draws you in. Here you will find “The ultimate Dior experience”. Visitors will be hit instantly with a reconstruction of the Facade of 30 Avenue Montaigne, which is Dior’s Parisian head quarters. There will be displays of the Lady Dior Handbag along side sketches of garments and illustrations of Dior’s legacy.


The past will be brought to life as you walk through the Dior Dream. There will be mannequins wearing Dior pieces from the decades gone by, as well as featuring dresses From all the bigs stars including Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson.

To finish it all off there will be The Cafe Dior pop up restaurant serving up a delicious menu inspires by the Food loved by Christian Dior himself.



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