Sound and Vision…

Throughout the past 100years, we have seen a dramatic change in the way fashion, culture and lifestyle have been interpreted. In our Western society, the celebrity Icon, The musician, the designer, the ‘It Girl’, the model, have evolved to shape the way we see what is acceptable and what is not.


David Bowie has to be one of the most powerfully iconic musicians of the 20th Century. He took what we all saw as normal, and morphed it into something completely new. He breeched boundaries that no one had ever dared to breech before. He took unspoken subjects, such as mental health, sexuality and drug abuse, and forced us to actually think about how society reacts to these.

Individuals no longer had to hide behind the strict morals of society, they felt that now, finally, they had an escape.

He was talented, artistic and eccentric. He was not afraid to be himself, which brought a lot of people out of their shells in the 1970’s.


As of the 23rd of March, until the 11th of August there will be a huge exhibition at the V&A London, dedicated to the life of Bowie, This include his stage costumes, hand written lyrics, His music and his transformation throughout the decades. 


The various stages of Bowie’s life are mapped out for us all to see, There are his inspirations and musings, paintings, filmed interviews, famous tracks. It shows an unparalleled insight into his mind, like never seen before. a celebration of a true Iconic Legend.



4 thoughts on “Sound and Vision…

  1. Bowie is a British style icon. Manages to remain cool throughout the years with little effort – true genius. Lovely collection of photos (:

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