Filles a Papa

“…hovering between American sportswear and European chic”

If you’re anything like me, then you love to mix it up. Combing premium street wear with high end fashion, sports wear with formal wear, masculine and feminine. A mash up of all things beautiful. I feel it creates a strength which plays on experimentation and personality.

This is why I have a huge connection with Filles a Papa’s collections. They are rough and refined, with a glamorous chic fused with a boyish charm. Casual Vs Formal is where fashion resides now. 

The brand is ran by two sisters, Carol and Sarah who really experiment with the idea of blurring the lines. Using the punk culture as the source of their inspiration, they really bring casual wear up a notch and make it more contemporary. 

Filles a Papa clothing really creates an energetic feel, giving us the idea of an independent, laid back, modern woman. The Grunge plaids and the golden sequence really juxtapose one another, to express that anything is possible.

S/S 13






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