Alexis Barrell

Alexis Barrell is a new London based designer, pushing her own interpretation of womenswear forward. She was born in South Africa and Grew up studying in Cape Town, surrounded by nature, birds, plants and the open plains of Africa. This created a basis of inspiration which can be seen within the prints of her collection. The colours are rich and vibrant and the patterns are very floral, yet simple.


Originally an Architecture Student, she switched to fashion after a Trip to Paris, and she began studying at the Instituto Marangoni. She Boldly started her own line in 2010 after she decided that she didn’t want to work for anyone else. A brave move, which ended up a triumph.


Over the Last ten years she has lived in over 6 different cities throughout the world, this idea of freedom and travel is important to her and she wanted to push this forward in her designs. She uses lose silhouettes and feminine shapes to add a sense of liberation within her garments.




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