” Our  vision  was  to develop and grow  IXIAH  based on a  unique  product  design  concept, and  create an  international label  set to  evolve a  life of its own. “
-Krystel Davis.
The Brand IXIAH is not for the fashion conscious individual, but more the style savvy lady. The concept behind the brand is not based on trends but to create something beautiful. With African influences and a combination of masculine and feminine shapes, she creates something perfect for the woman she has in mind. She has a one of a kind design aesthetic and her trademark is “Neo-Tribal” for free spirited and stylish women.

Winter 2013

practical-freedom-knit-black_5171f8b03fd8b pseudo-legging_516f61645a482 paradigm-hooded-tunic_5171f6891a88d mezzotint-dress_5171e3226d3cd inscribe-shirt-white_516e341bc0084 inscribe-shirt-black_5171e6442f6ff enchase-collared-tunic_516e36cf496f1 etchings-dress_516e36d20ae46 elements-silk-maxi_516e30daa2de2 congress-jacket_516e377861959 co-ordinates-skirt_516e306661929 co-ordinates-jacket_5171f22180393


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