Stella McCartney Resort 2014…

Stella McCartney’s Resort 2014 Collection took place at the Jefferson Market Garden in the West Village, it was an event not to forget…

“It’s a celebration of actually living in clothes,”

Stella McCartney.

It’s clear to say that this collection didn’t disappoint, with a combination of femininity and independence. The silhouettes and colours were perfect for the occasion. Snake skin played a huge role within the collection, being a bold print to really bring out the prowess of the designer.

“It’s about the harder image of a snake and moments of real beauty,”

Stella McCartney.

stella-mccartney-resort2014-31_130620410530 stella-mccartney-resort2014-34_130622396060 stella-mccartney-resort2014-33_130621426842 stella-mccartney-resort2014-23_130614119174  stella-mccartney-resort2014-21_130612185684 stella-mccartney-resort2014-16_130608811449  stella-mccartney-resort2014-20_130611270653 stella-mccartney-resort2014-15_130607201582 stella-mccartney-resort2014-14_130607896076 stella-mccartney-resort2014-12_130605109712 stella-mccartney-resort2014-11_130605715953 stella-mccartney-resort2014-09_130603523495 stella-mccartney-resort2014-08_130602715562 stella-mccartney-resort2014-04_130558252700 stella-mccartney-resort2014-05_13055975745 stella-mccartney-resort2014-06_13060013060 stella-mccartney-resort2014-03_130557985530 stella-mccartney-resort2014-02_130557305843


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