Vintage ALAIA

With the up and coming exhibition in Autumn, I thought it would be appropriate to dig up some images of vintage Alaia from the 1980’s. The angular geometric shapes, and bold animal print leotards, it really reflects how timeless the garments are. As they could be worn today and not look out of place…

tumblr_mocyp0Hh7T1ql6wxmo1_500 tumblr_mmlsyx0yxa1so6xr0o1_400 tumblr_m2k9fdrhnm1rtm8cjo1_500 dd88f4ea145e3b48f09a859aba81fc1e f4cfa0f940190c53c4e5ede885b3c0e3 fc185b4a06ba5a1bf1ee2b94e05baf80 d9568da0f4c75ca56f9e3fa17b1d31ab alaia a720c358109bfad1b9144956efc92ef5 545aea59066e699758d247e68ca2bec2 0734a5a5d422051b24d1aad811c963e5 277114853d6a67163da4e6dc4f1ed836 54a8159f20eaf0c98df29733cd5f7ea9 47ebe36161c0c687cf438dc9e1a58ca4 8fd8f654fd307196abd3e9e6279cf134 2a3004f123c6928d994a00a19da0ddcb 2b7a755851ecaf0436cf46c34814f935 2f03b2131b5ed1ef56dbfe1f291dd631 0a59e58628f99229154d8cced41550c1 1fd5b116ecc053cc8ac2f39e0297fffb


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