“The Future According to Chanel”

A beautiful collection, staying true to Chanel, yet creating a futuristic adventure. We see classic Chanel silhouettes combined with Barbarella-esque shapes. The opening outfits offer an iconic Chanel look, with tweed jackets and matching mini skirts. Towards the end there seems to be a subtle hint of escapism. There are more tulles and chiffons with embroidered flowers, and sequins and beads in a mosaic pattern. there are angular shapes and fabrics combined with a soft texture

There are floor length column dresses, mini skirts with thigh high boots,  dropped waists and plenty of texture. The colour scheme is very simplistic with blacks, greys, military greens, blues and whites, There are metallic threads and jet beads with maxi belts and gentle feminine touches.

 0050h_20130702142158 0060h_20130702142159 0070h_20130702142206 0090h_20130702142203  0140h_20130702142216 0160h_20130702142213 0170h_20130702142215 0180h_20130702142225 0190h_20130702142224 0200h_20130702142237 0230h_20130702142230 0270h_20130702142225 0290h_20130702142228 0360h_20130702142256 0380h_20130702142254 0400h_20130702142259 0420h_20130702142259 0430h_20130702142306 0440h_20130702142309 0450h_20130702142303 0460h_20130702142315 0470h_20130702142302 0480h_20130702142311 0490h_20130702142303  0520h_20130702142313 0540h_20130702142321 0550h_20130702142318 0560h_20130702142327 0570h_20130702142340 0580h_20130702142346 0600h_20130702142333 0630h_20130702142324 0640h_20130702142332


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