Christophe Josse.

“Like a Sartorial Trip Through The Far East”

There is a burst of deep silks and flowing cuts which reflect inspiration from traditional mongolian costume, There is also an underlining hint of Russia with floral embroidery on the shawls, The overall collection really emphasises a clean, unbroken idea which has been taken from the ‘Far East’.

There are billowing silhouettes an ruffles combined with balloon sleeves and empire cuts. There is a pure femininity with the collection which forms a gentle sophisticated look.

 The bohemian slant really makes its way throughout the collection with the accessories being quite bold with oversized beaded necklaces.

With Ivory and limestone tones running throughout the collection, it creates a very neutral look. There is an addition of rich textures from organza, sheep skin, neoprene, satin, muslin and wool crepe.

ChritopheJosse_001_20130702145810 ChritopheJosse_002_20130702145817 ChritopheJosse_003_20130702145816 ChritopheJosse_004_20130702145817 ChritopheJosse_005_20130702145812 ChritopheJosse_006_20130702145813 ChritopheJosse_007_20130702145824 ChritopheJosse_008_20130702145834 ChritopheJosse_009_20130702145822 ChritopheJosse_010_20130702145828 ChritopheJosse_011_20130702145829 ChritopheJosse_012_20130702145830 ChritopheJosse_013_20130702145831 ChritopheJosse_014_20130702145837 ChritopheJosse_015_20130702145850


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