Elie Saab…

This collection is clearly a cut above the rest. Saab takes couture to a place where it belong. Some where so beyond glamour and expense, that it is in a complete league of its own.

This years Haute Couture collection has channeled a ‘no expense spared’ theme. With the colours of the dresses being inspired by precious stones, we see a range of rubies, emeralds and sapphires aimed to impress the Ladies of the Middle East.

They are all statement dresses which absorb an ‘Old Hollywood’ look with vintage connotations. These evening gowns are both rich and eye catching.

There is an arrangement of sequins and crystals amongst fine layers of silks, tulles, chiffons and satins. There are fluid shapes and elegant silhouettes as well as deep necklines and bustiers.

00010h_20130703155109 00020h_20130703155104 00040h_20130703155111 00060h_20130703155107 00070h_20130703155117 00080h_20130703155118 00100h_20130703155122 00110h_20130703155118 00120h_20130703155124 00130h_20130703155132 00140h_20130703155129 00150h_20130703155128 00160h_2013070315512500250h_2013070315515700300h_2013070315515500170h_20130703155130 00180h_20130703155126 00190h_20130703155128 00200h_20130703155139 00230h_20130703155150 00240h_20130703155140  00310h_20130703155140 00320h_20130703155155 00330h_20130703155157 00340h_20130703155201 00350h_20130703155210 00370h_20130703155216  00380h_20130703155158 00420h_20130703155210 00430h_20130703155222


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