Jean Paul Gaultier…

A have two opinions on this collection. The first half is incredible, a sort of ‘Katherine Hepburn eat your heart out’ retro feel. Gaultier has really gone to town with 1940’s inspired elegance. The vintage inspired garments have pushed the past right into the future. My personal favourite is the leopard detail bouncing throughout, bold blacks with leopard fur detail, It creates a very expensive image. The silhouettes are angular yet feminine, bold and creative, yet very classic. The fabrics used are leathers, wools and furs and work well with the shapes created. Power dressing at its finest.

00020h_20130703175632 00030h_20130703175638 00040h_20130703175638 00050h_20130703175633 00060h_20130703175646 00070h_20130703175645 00080h_20130703175645 00090h_20130703175648 00100h_20130703175641 00130h_20130703175649 00160h_20130703175652 00200h_20130703175708 00250h_20130703175719 00260h_20130703175713 00360h_20130703175722

However the collection moves onto a clown-like, futuristic feel, with bolder colours, which aren’t in my taste. At all.


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