Ulyana Sergeenko

This has to be my personal favourite collection of them all. It is a mix of delicate fabrics combined with a bold Russian Gothic style, aimed at the millionaire Moscow Socialite. It channels the middle age era, with princesses and Tsarinas that marked Russian history. It is full of ruffled necks, folksy bustiers, capes, beaded embroidery and mink trims. I literally screams money, power and status.

The collection is full of floor length dresses, below the knee skirts, shorts, and cute short capes. With wool, lace, velvet and fur adorning the female body. Garments are decorated with pearls, crystals, mink and fox fur. The basic silhouette is high waisted, with a structured shape and a monochrome colour scheme. The odd splashes of colour do arrive, with reds and browns.

It is a fairytale frenzy of beauty and gothic glamour.

00010h_20130702155112 00030h_20130702155111 00040h_20130702155109 00050h_20130702155113 00070h_20130702155114 00080h_20130702155114 00090h_20130702155121 00100h_20130702155118 00110h_20130702155116 00120h_20130702155125 00150h_20130702155124 00160h_20130702155127 00170h_20130702155129 00180h_20130702155128 00190h_20130702155132 00200h_20130702155148 00210h_20130702155136  00240h_20130702155145 00250h_20130702155141 00260h_20130702155147 00270h_20130702155140 00290h_20130702155138 00300h_20130702155152 00330h_20130702155159 00360h_20130702155155 00380h_20130702155154 00410h_20130702155208


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