“Sex appeal is fifty percent what you’ve got and fifty percent what people think you’ve got.”

Sophia Loren.

Sophia Loren is one of the most Iconic figures to come out of Italy During the last Century. She will always be known as Italy’s most renowned and honoured Actress. She brought elegance and sexiness to the screens across the world.

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images-7 images-9 images-10 images-11

images-12images-34Sophia Loren shorts

images-21  images-23Luscious Sophia - mylusciouslife.com - sophia loren101

SOPHIA LOREN (2) sophia_loren_02  sophia-loren-rare-portrait-4

Sophia-Loren-4_1887959a Sophia-Loren  Sophia-Loren1

sophia-loren-sophia-loren-9562383-284-399 sophia20loren19 sophia11

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