The Dutch Duo Do Bridal.

“We’ve always loved designing bridal wear because a wedding dress is a garment with a lot of meaning and emotions attached to it,”

Viktor & Rolf

This is the first Bridal collection the Design Duo have created. The pair are renowned for experimental pieces, and this collection does not stray from that stereotype. The  colour palette has been kept traditional, but the silhouettes and detail are very distinct and different. It is a six-piece wedding capsule range and it is a part of the new pre-spring/summer 2014 collection.

“The wedding dress is the ultimate clothing icon.”

Viktor  & Rolf

 VandR-Bridal-6-Vogue-11Jul13-PR_b_426x639 VandR-Bridal-2-Vogue-11Jul13-PR_b_426x639 VandR-Bridal-1-Vogue-11Jul13-PR_b_426x639 VandR-Bridal-5-Vogue-11Jul13-PR_b_426x639 VandR-Bridal-4-Vogue-11Jul13-PR_b_426x639 VandR-Bridal-3-Vogue-11Jul13-PR_b_426x639


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