Todays Top Ten.

With the heat wave in England getting warmer everyday, I thought it would be a great idea to look at what bikinis we should be wearing in the heat. Whether it’s to your neighbours garden BBQ, or for a day at the beach, you need to have one of these in your possession.

Top Ten Swimwear.

mara-hoffman £270

1. Mara Hoffman- £270.

Bikini-Wildfox-top £70 bot £59

2. Wild Fox- T £7 & B £59


 3. Calvin Klein £56


4. Calvin Klein £120

Bikini-Laticia-Agent P £135

5. Agent Provocoteur £135

Bikini-Harlie-agent provocateur £110

6.Agent Provoc0teur £110

Lolli Swimsuit urban outfitters £105

7. Urban Outfitters £105

Chloe £205

8. Chloe £205.

Ondademar £160

9. Ondademar £160,

Bikini-Marc-by-Marc-Jacobs- £229

 10. Marc by Marc Jacobs £229. 


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