Tailored Women

There’s nothing sexier than seeing a man in a bespoke suit, head to toe in perfect mohair, worsted and tweed fabrics. But what about women? A suit represents power, status and responsibility, and within a world of modern day equality, we see more and more women coming forward in bespoke suits, making their own mark on sartorial history.

Power dressing was of the 1980’s we are now talking tailored, well fitted, feminine silhouettes. The Androgynous trend has come and gone over the decades, but here we aren’t talking trends, we are talking about tradition. Three piece suits with pocket watches and walking canes, not for men, but for women.

Here are some inspirational images over the decades which I find most appropriate…

images-1 tumblr_min30zqxNR1qbiu5fo1_250 images-2

tumblr_mfrkjo2oZw1rkwf03o1_500 images marlene

image1xl EPSON scanner image tumblr_m7k1jzEQlI1qc8pw1o1_400

tumblr_md4scqwmZK1rt15mno1_400 tumblr_me0ntk19Cv1r7zvjpo1_500 tumblr_mee9z3Kjnm1qh7m29o1_500

 tumblr_mguqhtmW7L1rd369do1_250 tumblr_mgz9emM7ln1qc5ueeo1_400 tumblr_mgzex7M4fR1qc5ueeo1_500

tumblr_mh03cohYOi1qc5ueeo1_1280 tumblr_mheajrJU6J1qad6uko1_500 tumblr_mhzesf4Y4l1rkwf03o1_500

tumblr_mhzevptudb1rkwf03o1_500 tumblr_mjmtha62wa1s8vr6wo1_500 tumblr_mjz3le3cV51qbdvnbo1_500

tumblr_mk0ohleFKV1s2g68ko1_400 tumblr_mk49pgcE0m1qc5ueeo1_250 tumblr_mkbqlemPyx1qc5ueeo1_250

tumblr_mkjaphI8t11rkwf03o1_500 tumblr_mlhqh2kiAt1r0e4bgo1_400 tumblr_mlw8imZpZb1rkwf03o1_500

tumblr_mlwa7pg6hw1rkwf03o1_500 tumblr_mmdkoaG9sj1s9rje9o1_500 tumblr_mnjc9kFi0H1stqvf0o1_500

tumblr_mnl47lG9rn1rkwf03o1_500 tumblr_moa0ieEb4R1ryt87lo1_250 tumblr_mops9pufMc1qc5ueeo1_500

tumblr_mp8ybwr37I1ri6kk3o1_500 tumblr_mpagpqKxBa1sywmtdo1_500 tumblr_mpm4tzS9VW1qc8pw1o1_500

tumblr_mpm4wd6L1j1qc8pw1o1_500 tumblr_mpm4y1VK4I1qc8pw1o1_500 tumblr_mpnucf9XeG1qc8pw1o1_500

tumblr_mpnx79Jdjy1sza9bso1_500 tumblr_mpnx79Jdjy1sza9bso2_500 tumblr_mpnx79Jdjy1sza9bso3_500

Women's tailoring: Seven different looks – in pictures


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