The ‘L’Agent’ collection, designed by Penelope and Monica cruz, was launched for women who are searching for luxury and sexiness, but without the high expense. They have created a range which incorporates the Agent Provocateur image, but in fabrics which are more cost effective, they have recently launched their photography campaign, check it out…

lagent-agent-provocateur-ad-campaign-highsnobiety-2-630x472 lagent-agent-provocateur-campaign-highsnobiety-1-630x472 lagent-agent-provocateur-campaign-highsnobiety-3-630x472 lagent-agent-provocateur-campaign-highsnobiety-4-630x472 lagent-agent-provocateur-campaign-highsnobiety-5-630x472 lagent-agent-provocateur-campaign-highsnobiety-6-630x472 lagent-agent-provocateur-campaign-highsnobiety-7-630x472 lagent-agent-provocateur-campaign-highsnobiety-8-630x472 lagent-agent-provocateur-campaign-highsnobiety-9-630x472 lagent-agent-provocateur-campaign-highsnobiety-10-630x472 lagent-agent-provocateur-campaign-highsnobiety-11-630x472


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