Vivienne Tam

Bold, creative and abstract are the three main words that come to mind when looking at this collection. There is a diverse combination of monochromes and primary colours injected into the mini silhouettes. I feel this is a very strong collection that uses print as its main weapon of choice, it creates a statement without going too over the top.

00010h_304x456 00060h_304x456 00070h_304x456 00090h_304x456 00100h_304x456 00140h_304x456 00160h_304x456 00180h_304x456 00190h_304x456 00200h_304x456 00220h_304x456 00230h_304x456 00270h_304x456 00280h_304x456 00290h_304x456 00310h_304x456 00340h_304x456 00360h_304x456


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