Moschino Cheap and Chic.

There’s nothing like a splash of garish colours to kick start the summer months, especially with this bold statement from Cheap and Chic. What else would we expect though? Pinks, greens, yellows and oranges mesh together with textured fabrics and feathered detail. its just the right amount of ‘fun’.

Moschino_Cheap_Chic_001_2000_304x456 Moschino_Cheap_Chic_002_2000_304x456 Moschino_Cheap_Chic_003_2000_304x456

Moschino_Cheap_Chic_004_2000_304x456 Moschino_Cheap_Chic_005_2000_304x456 Moschino_Cheap_Chic_006_2000_304x456

Moschino_Cheap_Chic_007_2000_304x456 Moschino_Cheap_Chic_009_2000_304x456 Moschino_Cheap_Chic_010_2000_304x456

Moschino_Cheap_Chic_011_2000_304x456 Moschino_Cheap_Chic_012_2000_304x456 Moschino_Cheap_Chic_013_2000_304x456

Moschino_Cheap_Chic_014_2000_304x456 Moschino_Cheap_Chic_015_2000_304x456 Moschino_Cheap_Chic_016_2000_304x456

Moschino_Cheap_Chic_017_2000_304x456 Moschino_Cheap_Chic_018_2000_304x456


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