Milan kicked off this season with some incredible collections from the most prestigious designers. DSquared2 lead the show by dropping one of the most exciting SS collections. Bright coloured fabrics with texture and bold shapes. short lengths to show off the legs. An element of animal was thrown in there to balance of the whole collection. A glamorous and alluring charm was woven throughout.

00030h_304x456 00050h_304x456 00060h_304x456 00070h_304x456 00080h_304x456 00100h_304x456 00110h_304x456 00120h_304x456 00130h_304x456 00140h_304x456 00150h_304x456 00160h_304x456 00170h_304x456 00210h_304x456 00220h_304x456 00230h_304x456 00240h_304x456 00260h_304x456 00270h_304x456 00300h_304x456 00320h_304x456 00340h_304x456 00350h_304x456


One thought on “DSquared2…

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