My favourites from London…

With London Fashion Week well and truly over, I just thought I’d share a round up collection of images of designers work which i thought was strong.

Haizhen Wang

clean, crisp and modern silhouettes.

007_304x456 001_304x456 004_304x456

Tom Ford

Bold shapes and hourglass figures, a modern 1940’s sweep.

ford fordd forddd

Lucas Nascimento

loose silhouettes, relaxed shapes and interesting angular cuts.

nsc_lb_ss14_006_304x456 nsc_lb_ss14_013_304x456 nsc_lb_ss14_018_304x456

Christopher Kane.

femininity at its best. Sexy, sleek and seductive.

christopher_kane_006_1366.1280x1920_304x456 christopher_kane_018_1366.1280x1920_304x456 christopher_kane_045_1366.1280x1920_304x456


tailored silhouettes with a bold sense of femininity and sexiness.

00180h_304x456 00220h_304x456 00310h_304x456


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