Loving the Look…

Here is a list of my favourite street looks at the moment. They incorporate a combination of bold femininity with sassy sexiness. These are women who know exactly who they are and aren’t afraid to show it.

 8cea4e4cda9d7de63ce7d23684bad204  9b1ea45216a4b65da5eb0408812f5524 49ae2f6d7d0f30b444224c3d50c1bbbb 580c1161d0efeefa77e1e28bd01e47d5 878e87e1050623083de0e40b838645cb  1175b8044283d45ab97c384ba8565835 deaf602e7f8622f0e1be06490b9fb9a7 589491aa0816a2665bd7291b622fb50e c1f110a3c36f938d6c3f938eb4eaffa5 ea4c441418b43371872597c63394b285


2 thoughts on “Loving the Look…

  1. Who is the chick in the 2nd pic and the pic with the oversize white overcoat with cow print heels? That bitch betta werk! She just gave me life! I want to get a cocktail with her! Great pics and post 🙂

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