The Cartier Story…


The Cartier Story…

Starting from December 4th, The Cartier Story will be told at the Grand Palais in Paris. The exhibition holds over 600 pieces of jewellery and watches, which are Iconic of the Jeweller. They will tell the sparkling story from beginning up to today. It documents all the important dates and all the glamorous pieces including designs and photographs as well as the real deal.

exposition_le_style_et_l_histoire_cartier_au_grand_palais_paris_boutique_13_rue_de_la_paix_14666185_north_545x.1 exposition_le_style_et_l_histoire_cartier_au_grand_palais_paris_collection_cartier_596148457_north_545x.1 exposition_le_style_et_l_histoire_cartier_au_grand_palais_paris_grace_kelly_bague_de_fian__ailles_266898482_north_545x.1 exposition_le_style_et_l_histoire_cartier_au_grand_palais_paris_fournisseur_officiel_cour_britannique_865998203_north_545x.1 exposition_le_style_et_l_histoire_cartier_au_grand_palais_paris_panth__re_505595089_north_545x.1exposition_le_style_et_l_histoire_cartier_au_grand_palais_paris_juste_un_clou_love_bracelet_697503482_north_545x.1


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