Totally Tartan

Acne releases the ‘Totally Tartan” capsule collection which is solely dedicated to plaid and has been influenced and researched through the archives of the Scottish Kilt Makers. Four classic plaids have been chosen for the collection and have been developed into casual, wearable pieces. With a combination of reds, blues and greens , a beautifully thought out collection has been designed and each garment is a statement piece itself.

The Pieces are available at the Acne Boutique studios and online at their e-shop.

le_tartan____l___honneur_chez_acne_659564953_north_545x.1 la_collection_total_tartan_experience_918514864_north_545x.1  la_collection_total_tartan_experience_227072512_north_545x.1 la_collection_total_tartan_experience_432123575_north_545x.1 la_collection_total_tartan_experience_501354750_north_545x.1 la_collection_total_tartan_experience_8287580_north_545x.1


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