Classic Karl

Karl never ceases to amaze with his shows for Chanel, and for his ready to wear collection he really did create a statement. It has been the show everyone has been talking about. The set up for the whole show was based around a supermarket with Chanel products. Innovative and fun.

As for the collection itself, we see a beautiful array of Chanel tweed combined with sporty silhouettes to creat a relaxed and fun approach to the Chanel lifestyle. The constant contrast of colour really creates a bold image, with pieces that would really work well in day to day life. My favourites are the bright yellow and lime green coats, definitely a must have for Fall!

image image image image image image


2 thoughts on “Classic Karl

  1. Reblogged this on Scones Clothing Company and commented:
    I get that Karl is trying to show that his clothes relate to the everyday woman, by putting the show in a grocery store…but come on. No woman looks like this shopping unless she is in Manhattan followed by a film crew. That being said….I do want them in my closet

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