Ulyana Sergeenko

A fabulous vintage vibe running through out this collection. The combination of  deep rich colours with feminine pastels creates a sexy and bold look. The silhouttes are beautifully designed to flash a little leg and chest without being too extreme. It is an eclectic mix of turn of the 20th Century inspiration.

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Elie Saab.

Elie Saab created one of the most stunning shows. A romantic theme with beautifully embellished gowns immersed in blushing corals, ocean blues, champagnes and scarlet reds. He was inspired by the work of Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema and created quite an ethereal fairytale.

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Giorgio Armani Privé.

Giorgio Armani Privé is for the woman who spares no expense.

The Privé collection channels old hollywood; It is glamorous and feminine with subtle elegance running throughout the range. It has been created for women who enjoy dressing in beautiful pieces, and for the supremely rich and powerful.

The collection is light with a clear theme of nude colour throughout, although this is interrupted mid way by black.

ribbon crinoline has been embellished with crystals, hidden by tule. It is body revealing.

Chiffons, pearls, organdie, lace and feathers are used to emphasise the glamour of the women wearing them.

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Dior at Harrods.

The Dior Experience at Harrods, London …


I can now relate to Alice and how she felt when she fell down the rabbit hole. When Walking into the Dior Exhibition it truly was like leaping into Wonderland.


It was all darkly light with spot lights emphasising the small windows into a silhouette of a building, inside each window was a mini installation of the Dior perfumes, from over the decades. It was like an exquisitely decorated dolls house for the haute couture lover.


Around the corner there were Beautifully detailed toiles,  All precisely aligned with a spotlight shining down. There stood fashion history, which shaped the lives of so many throughout the decades, right up to the present day. 

It really defined what it takes to create such beautiful pieces. The time, the effort, the love, It was all there in front of me to see. each stage, from the drawing, to the sampling, to the toile, to the finished piece. 


Opposite this was a mesmirising installation, what I can only describe as a room ignited with the sparks of Dior today. The Charlize Theron dress from the J’adore advert stood poised, surrounded by bottles of the seductive scent. A powerful image pervade from this room, one of spiritual couture.


Another mini installation followed round to the left, with miniature versions of Dior outfits over the decades. a tiny segment of history showing some of the most iconic garments of the 20th Century. 

More inspiring garments followed in glowing tubes, like a science experiment, except these were some of Dior’s masterpieces. Carefully crafted silhouettes and beautiful stitched beading details both modern and vintage. All timeless classics.



The Iconic ‘Lady Dior’ handbag was upscaled and stood majestically at the exit, reminding us that if we don’t already have one, we definitely should purchase one on the way out. 


After absorbing all there was to see, The Dior Cafe was the perfect place for a spot of afternoon tea. If you haven’t been yet, then i recommend you go before it’s too late. I left feeling truly inspired.