Vintage Wedding Dress exhibition…

From the 3rd of May 2014 until 15th March 2015, the Victoria and Albert Museum opens its doors to a whole new scale of exhibition. They are exhibiting wedding dresses from 1775-2014, and showcasing couture designs, royal pieces and famous designers. Galliano, Hartnell  and Westwood are amongst the designers showing.


Embroidered silk satin wedding dress designed by Norman Hartnell, 1933 worn by Margaret Whigham for her marriage to Charles Sweeny.

The wedding dress is the most beautiful and elegant of all dresses; a symbol of love and commitment. It is a dress that every girl dreams of from childhood.

The exhibition showcases over 80 gowns showing the evolution of the dress design from the times of Jane Austen, up to present day. There are sketches, photographs and accessories also on display. It is the must see event of the year…

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